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Take The Test For the Charismatic Gifts of the Holy Spirit

PHD in Charismatic Renewal - 38 to 40 correct

Master of Charismatic Renewal - 35 to 37 correct

B.A. in Charismatic Renewal - 30 to 34 correct

Novice - below 30 correct

1. The heart of Charismatic Renewal is the:

a - Prayer Meeting

b - Social get together.

c - Potluck diner and movie.

2. Authority within a charismatic prayer group within the Catholic Church is safeguarded by appealing to

a - Other charismatic people

b - The normal church authority of pastors

c - Someone with the gift of prophecy

3. The leaders of prayer groups within a parish are leaders because

a - They know a lot about the charismatic renewal

b - People like them and accept them

c - The pastor of the parish has accepted them as leaders.

4. The main purpose of the prayer meeting is to

a - Have a good time

b - Help everyone live in the power of the Holy Spirit

c - Solve everyone's problems

5. The release or "baptism" of the Holy Spirit is

a - Something we work ourselves up to

b - A gift from God

c - An emotional experience

6. The primary work of the Holy Spirit is

a - To help people to see that Jesus is Lord

b - To feel a spiritual high.

c - To help us experience mystical phenomena

7. Singing in Tongues is

a - Not very important.

b - A way of praising God

c - A big fake

8 - The Gift of Singing in Tongues is

a - Only for certain people

b. Available to everyone who seeks it

c. Mainly for people with a singing voice

9. True Charismatic gifts originate from

a - A very talented person

b - Very holy priests and nuns only

c - God through the Holy Spirit

10. Charismatic gifts flourish at a prayer meeting when

a - People sing and dance with lots of fervor

b - People share and talk a lot about what is happening in their lives

c - A high quality of prayer is brought about

11. People can develop their charisms best by

a. Leaving the prayer group and going out on their own

b. Praying with other gifted charismatics

c. Developing their own spiritual ideas

12. The charisms of speaking in tongues and Interpretation is also equal to

a. Miracles

b. Healing

c. Prophecy

13. The charismatic gift of Interpretation of Tongues is a

a. Translation of what was said in tongues

b. Message from the Holy Spirit

c. Reading from the bible

14. Prophecy at a prayer meeting must always be

a. Accepted

b. Judged

c. Rejected

15. Prophecies which predict exact times are

a. Always from God

b. Truly inspiring

c. Highly suspect

16. A person with the gift of prophecy usually will be

a. Faithful to the prayer group and to the Christian life

b. Very intelligent and well educated

c. A good speaker

17. The three types of prophecy judged according to discernment are

a. Natural, Spiritual, Emotional

b. True, False, Non-prophecy

c. Past, Present, Future Prophecy

18. The Holy Spirit authenticates prophecy during a prayer meeting by inspiring

a. Confirmation

b. Singing

c. Clapping

19. The gift of healing restores health to

a. Just to the body

b. Just to to the spirit

c. To the body, spirit and mind

20. The primary purpose of the prayer group is

a. To heal

b. To make everybody happy

c. To praise God

21. Healing is needed by

a. Only some people who are sick

b. Everyone

c. Very few

22. Healings occur more often in an atmosphere

a. Of joy and faith

b. By being emotionally charged up

c. By demanding a healing from God.

23. The charism of the gift of Faith, or Trust in God, often results in

a. Stories about how we did great things

b. Stories of the Holy Spirit working powerfully in situations

c. Stories of how we accomplished something that was impossible.

24. For the gift of faith to be operative a person must

a. Have strong will power

b. Be determined and never give up

c. Pray with humility

25. The charism of the gift of miracles works through

a. Anyone who prays

b. Only very holy people

c. Just special preachers and evangelists

26. Miracles occur

a. Once in a while

b. Never

c. Frequently

27. The gift of discernment of spirits comes from

a. A knowledge of psychology

b. Sensitivity to God's Holy Spirit

c. Reading people's minds

28. Three main types of spirits are

a. Holy Spirit, human spirit, evil spirit

b. Happy spirit, sad spirit, mild spirit

c. Good spirit, bad spirit, evil spirit

29. Ultimate discernment for the prayer group and church belongs to

a. The person with the best charism

b. Those in authority, such as leaders, pastors, bishops and the pope.

c. A group of people with a lot of charisms

30. The word of wisdom charism helps people to

a. Know God's will

b. Become smarter

c. Know a lot of secrets

31. Anointed words of the Holy Spirit will

a. Put people in their place

b. Help us to control others

c. Build up the body of Christ

32. The Secret of spiritual transformation of prayer group members is

a. Reading

b. Prayer

c. Singing

33. Charismatic renewal in the church is primarily renewal of

a. Bible study

b. Worship

c. Fellowship

34. The moderator and core members of a prayer group should

a. Be spread out in the prayer room

b. Sit close together for support

c. Sit where ever they feel like

35. A good prayer meeting

a. Just runs itself

b. Needs a specific leader

c. is open to whoever wants to lead

36. A charismatic prayer group is really a

a. Group of religious fanatics

b. Little school of spirituality

c. A bunch of holy roller fundamentalists

37. Real key to prayer group growth is

a. Fidelity

b. Prayer

c. Both prayer and fidelity

38. Good prayer meetings generally start with

a. Some personal sharing about God working in one's life

b. Lots of praise and signing by all members

c. A bible teaching by a real good teacher

39. During the meeting

a. Only certain people are permitted to speak

b. Anyone can speak at any time

c. People try to speak and share as they are lead by the Holy Spirit

40. The Charismatic renewal in the church was started by

a. St. Francis of Assisi

b. Holy Spirit

c. A little known priest


1.a 2.b 3.c 4.b 5.b 6.a.7.b 8.b 9.c 10.c 11.b 12.c 13.b 14.b 15.c 16. a 17. b 18. a 19. c 20. c

21. b 22. a 23. b 24. c 25. a 26. c 27. b 28. a 29. b 30. a 31. c 32. b 33. b 34. b 35. b 36. b 37. c 38. b 39. c 40. b

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The end

Praise the Lord!