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Top Web Sites For Jesus Christ

"Be Filled With the Power of His Holy Spirit"

The list of web sites here is to give one a way to increase their knowledge of Jesus both on a spiritual level and historic. We have also included Christian web sites with information about the growth of the Christian community.

As you go through these Christian web sites, pray that the Holy Spirit will bless you with that which is good and pleasing to the Lord.

Jesus Web Sites and Christian Related Sites

Web Site Comment
Catholic Online Modern site rich in historical information about Jesus and the Saints
Apostles.com Great site giving information about the apostles
From Jesus to Christ Good historical information about Jesus and the early Christian Church from a secular source
Jesus of Nazareth Site features early writings about Jesus by Thomas and James. Very Good.
Catholic-pages.com Great site based in Austrailia. It gives you excerpts from spirtual books on the interior life and prayer. Superb and well done.
Catholicfirst.com Superb site with information about prayer from classic books and also prayer and mass.
ewtn.com Great multimedia site with radio and shows about Jesus
US Conference of Catholic Bishops Good site with up to date news relavent to the U.S.
Phillyspirit.com Philadelphia charismatic prayer groups
Catholic News Service International News about Catholic Church
Spirithome.com Good educational site on the workings of the Holy Spirit