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Take The Test For Growing in Holiness - and - Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Master - 23 to 25 correct

Spiritual Expert - 21 to 22 correct

Spiritual Apprentice - 18 to 20 correct

Spiritual rookie - 17 or less correct

1. When we say Jesus is Lord of our lives we mean:

a - He is a wise man who knew a lot of things

b - We study the story of his life.

c - We pray to Him and seek to subordinate our will to his teachings and the inspirations of the Holy Spirit.

2. The key to holiness is

a - being obedient to the Holy Spirit

b - trying to work real hard by ourselves to be holy

c - Being a nice person so people will like us.

3. Prayer is

a - a two-way conversation with Jesus

b - Being quiet

c - being one with nature and the universe

4. The three types of people are:

a - Good, bad and ugly

b - Natural, spiritual, carnal

c - Adult, teenager, child

5. Inspirations that come to us in prayer can be

a - Scary or happy.

b - Sad or joyful

c - From the Holy Spirit, ourselves, or evil spirit

6. To Love God and follow His will we must

a - Try to be nice to everybody and not bother anyone.

b - Keep 10 commandments, laws of the church, follow our station in life and be open to the Holy Spirit.

c - Go to Church sometimes and have a good time with our friends and try to make lots of money

7. To live a dynamic Christian life we need to

a - Pray, listen to the Holy Spirit, discern His word and act.

b - Think of all kinds of good ideas

c - Try to build or do something great

8 - To know Jesus better and in a personal way we should

a - Read the bible and ask the Holy Spirit to help us.

b. Watch television

c. Go to college

9. A good way to spark up your prayer life is

a - To go out with some friends and have a good time and be happy

b - Through silence, solitude and fasting

c - To take a vacation or a cruise

10. Our enemies in the Spiritual Life are

a - Being overweight and out of shape

b - World, the Flesh and the Devil

c - The Devil and real nasty people

11. Our Strength to fight evil comes from

a. Ourselves and a determined will

b. Jesus and his Holy Spirit

c. By being physically strong so no one or anything can push us around

12. When being tempted or lured to do something bad it often may seem pleasing. So, we should

a. Do it any way and worry about the problems later and fix it some how.

b. Think about it and do it especially if everyone else is too and if it is not hurting anyone.

c. Say no and ask the Holy Spirit to strengthen us.

13. What are the four kinds of people in relation to spiritual warfare?

a. Fully-armed Christian, disarmed Christian, pagan, evil person

b. Catholic, protestant, Jew, pagan

c. Extremely wealthy people, rich people, middle class, and poor.

14. The leader of the good angels is

a. Lucifer

b. The Force

c. Michael

15. Putting on the Armor of God means

a. Always getting dressed up the best we can on Sunday

b. Asking God to cloth us in the power of His Holy Spirit

c. Using all of our own abilities to defeat evil

16. A powerful helper and spouse of the Holy Spirit is the Blessed Lady. To secure her assistance we could

a. Buy some roses for a friend

b. Pray the rosary

c. Wear some blue and white clothes

17. In the true story of the exorcist what statue did the Alexian brothers put in the hall way of the hospital.

a. Statue of the Blessed lady

b. Statue of St. Michael

c. Statue of St. Francis of Assisi

18. To stay in good spiritual shape we need to

a. Learn to lift weights and jog, eat lots of vitamins

b. Go to church when ever we feel in the dumps

c. Have regular private prayer time, worship, and maintain our health

19. The best time to pray in general is

a. In the morning

b. Late at night

c. After eating a good meal

20. When we pray in private we should remember our words and the inspirations of the Holy Spirit by

a. Tying to recall them about a week later

b. Telling them to a good friend

c. Keeping a daily diary notebook

21. Our goal in life is to

a. Know, love and serve Jesus

b. Make lots of money so we can help people

c. Become famous so people will listen to what we say

22. The secret to praying well is to

a. Read a lot of books on prayer

b. Humble ourselves and ask the help of the Holy Spirit

c. Study eastern mysticism to learn new techniques to meditate

23. To receive the Holy Spirit's help we should

a. Ask him with a sincere and prayerful heart

b. Do nothing and just wait for him to come

c. First, ask our friends help

24. Three of the greatest words ever written are

a. Give me Liberty

b. Peace to all

c. God is love

25. Jesus is

a. a holy man who lived a long time ago.

b. the messiah, son of God.

c. a great teacher who told us a lot of secrets about life.


1.c 2.a 3.a 4.b 5.c 6.b.7.a 8.a 9.b 10.b 11.b 12.c 13.a 14.c 15.b 16. b 17. a 18. c 19. a 20. c 21. a 22. b 23. a 24. c 25. b

To improve your score study from the teachings on listening to the Holy Spirit and spiritual warfare at www.jesuschrististhelord.com

The end

Praise the Lord!