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Charismatic Prayer Meetings

"Be Filled With the Power of His Holy Spirit"

Hear - St. Mary's Oct. 2 Charismatic Prayer Meeting(35 minutes)

St Mary’s Charismatic Prayer Meeting October 2, 2004

Theme from the Holy Spirit: “Strength”

Highlights: Some Key Reading and prayers during the meeting:

1. Lou shared Ephesions Chapter 6 ….Christian Warfare...put on the armor of God.

2. Song: On Eagles Wings.... And He will raise you up.

3. Mary shared prayer and vision of a giant eagle just before song On Eagles wings was asked to be sung by another person, Dorothy..

4. Rene: Reading from James chapter 6….The prayer uttered in Faith will redeem the one who is ill.

5. Intercessory prayer and prayer for those in ministry work.

6. Leo teaching on intercessory prayer - See Acts Chapter 9 on Paul’s preaching.

Leo raised the question who interceded for Paul and was instrumental in his conversion. Answer: Stephen who said while he was being stoned at the feet of Paul -- "Lord do not hold this against them." The point: Many people are praying for each of us.

7: Mary notes key theme as being “Receiving Strength from the Holy Spirit.” The theme fits with the strength of the Eagle (the Lord's hand picking up his people

8. Note the week before the theme for the prayer meeting was Peace with a vision shared by Marie of a Dove coming over the prayer meeting and that it was growing larger. Praise the Lord!

St. Mary's charismatic prayer meeting is held almost every Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. There is Mass at St. Mary's from 8:15 to 8:45 a.m. prior to the meeting. St. Mary's is located in Chandler, Az.

(We will post praise and worship from prayer meetings around the country. To seek a posting send your information and a voice or video file to michael@jesuschrististhelord.com)